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I’m Jeffrey Davis.

It was twenty-two years ago when I first had my trek as a cub scout. During that time, my parents, who are both website developers, have taught me a great deal about HTML programming. Soon enough, I knew how to buy my first website, and it was this URL, IWasACubScout.Co.Uk.

This evolved into my personal blog when I was younger. In my later years, I’ve used the website to share my experiences as a young cub scout. I gained a following during the Web 1.0 days that allowed me to sustain the URL longer. As Web 2.0 came, I was older. I wrote more content about my learnings as a cub scout, and my learnings as a grown-up, wilderness and trekking guide.

Through here, I learned lots about SEO during the first few days of Web 2.0.

Now, I’m a guru on web development and search engine optimisation for wilderness explorers and trek guides.

We’re a Different Thing

As a wilderness and trek guide, we know our trade. We know how our industry works. However, not everyone of us knows how to explain these to people, especially over the Internet.

This is the job of me and my team of seven. All of them are avid mountain and wilderness explorers by the weekend, and they work for me as professional marketing and branding experts for online campaigns. Working with SEO Services Northampton companies could provide, we guarantee that your campaigns are in capable hands.

All of us understand the heart and soul of our industry, our passion to deliver excellent performance and maximum enjoyment, and our commitment to help raise awareness about the beauty nature has to offer.

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